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New fragrance experiences from Japan

What does "R fragrance" stand for?

RIN - 凛

Our perfumes are designed to communicate the truly enriched spirit of Japan ,
and the authentic Japanese elegance and sophistication.

※ Japanese word meaning “dignified”

BLACK OUDStar ingredient:OUD

Wabi-sabi is one of the Japanese traditional aesthetics, derived from the spirit of Zen. It is a world view centered on simplicity and modesty. Shutting out idle thoughts allows us to stay focused and devoted, and to sublimate living into art. Japanese traditional rock gardens with minimal embellishment reflect Zen spirit and show the essential quality of life and beauty.
The scent of Black Oud expresses the unique Japanese aesthetic in which the sense of translucence in the fluid brushstroke of Suiboku-ga (Japanese painting) co-exists with the elegant and solemn presence of aloeswood.

Top   Bergamot
Middle Geranium/ Rose/ Iris
Last  Amber/ Musk/ Sandalwood/ Pachouli/ OUD

NOBLE ORCHIDStar ingredient:Shunran

Japanese orchid called “Shunran” can be found in the mountain valleys of Japan.
Shunran flowers are small, but the scent is elegant, sophisticated, pure, and delicate.
This perfume embodies the beautiful harmony between Shunran in a quiet valley, blue surface of rivers, and green mountains.
Ancient valleys, not intruded by humans, are the nature’s pure creations. This perfume allows you to envision those beautiful scenery of Japanese mountains.

Top   Bergamot/ Mandarin/ Leaf Green
Middle Jasmin/ Shunran/ Rose/ Lilac
Last  Musk/ Cedar/ Amber

TEA BREAKStar ingredient:Shunran

The Meiji era (1868-1912) was the time in which Japan had opened its door to the world and absorbed the Western culture rapidly in a short time. The afternoon tea culture was also introduced then. The Japanese began to enjoy tea and fancy sweets while socializing at elegant westernized salons, and they became accustomed to have Earl Grey tea with lots of sugar.

Top   Bergamot
Middle Earl Gray Tea/ Darjeering Tea/ Rose
Last  Sugar

OPAL SILKStar ingredient:Frankincense

Opal Silk was inspired by opal gemstones and milky white silks that are soft and gentle to the skin.

Frankincense was equivalent to gold in value since ancient times, and it was brought to Japan in the Heian period (794-1185). The Japanese aristocrats of that time used to burn frankincense to scent their clothes and surrounding space.

Opals are developed deep inside the earth over millions of years, only a small number of which could be found in Japan. They are called “the stones of hope” and every single piece is different from each other. They’re truly fascinating gemstones.

This fragrance is a tribute to the uniqueness of all lives, and it is meant for those who seek inner peace and a gentle embrace.

Top   Muscat/ Yogurt
Middle Rose
Last  Frankincense/ Sandalwood

TSUJIGAHANA(辻が花)Star ingredient:Grape skin,Grape leaf,Wisteria

‘Tsujigahana’ - Imaginary flowers blossomed only on kimonos with tie-dyeing.

Featuring the luxurious and gorgeous Momoyama Age culture, those tie-dyes using Suri-haku (gold/silver leaf stamping) and embroidery on it enchanted everybody with its inherent beauty.

Beauty is beauty.

The way it is worn both by male and female shows its nature of accepting all as they are.

Inspired by this Japanese traditional culture, this fragrance express its borderless values that transcend countries, sexuality or even time and space.

Top   Grape(skin,leaf)/ Ylang ylang/ Clove
Middle Wisteria/ Violet
Last  Heliotrope/ Musk/ Sandalwood

JASMINE JASMINEStar ingredient:Jasmine

The essence of all things is always simple.

The mystery of nature and the wisdom of human race are in harmony.

All the superfluities have been stripped away.

It is an ultimate fragrance, created with genuine floral scent.

Simply, extremely, and endlessly Jasmine.

Top   -
Middle Jasmine
Perfumer / Creator Chihiro Murai Perfumer / Creator

Chihiro Murai

Perfumer / Creator Chihiro Murai Perfumer / Creator Chihiro Murai
Since childhood, Chihiro has shown a keen interest in scented products such as sachets and eau du cologne.
At the age of 15, she had her first encounter with a perfume and she was completely mesmerized by its power and effect.

She has received the professional education to acquire the skill of perfume-making. After working for a fragrance company as a perfumer for a few years, she became a freelancer in 2014. She established R fragrance Co., Ltd. in January 2017 and launched her first fragrance brand “R fragrance” in March of the same year.

Chihiro has always been fascinated by philosophy and psychology. Her interest has been focused on understanding the invisible and giving it a form, expressing hidden human emotions, which has influenced greatly on her current creation of perfumes.



Eau de Parfum 50mL

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\16,500 (w/o tax) \18,150 (w/tax)

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